About Us

inferno.technology is a tech service company that understands and caters to the needs of emergency services and healthcare organizations.

We provide a wide range of solutions to your technology needs, from app & web development to full service Managed Service Provider collaboration.

Check out our full range of services below, or get in touch to find out if we can develop a custom solution for your agency.

What we do

Core Services

Check out our feature products and services

EMS Protocol Applications

Our EMS Protocol Application is based on the HTML5 protocol to ensure that it works on any device, check it out at medicprotocol.online

Station Dashboard Screens

Station Dashboards ensure that your crews are always up-to-date. We work with you to bring the content that you need straight into your stations.

IT Services Contract (MSP)

Let us take care of your IT operation in it's entirity. From set up to maintenance & monitoring we can do it all, and for a fraction of the price of hiring a dedicated employee.

Maps & GIS

We have years of experience working with GIS and Maps, whether you need new map books or GIS database management we can help. We even do real-time incident mapping.

Custom Web Services

We build all of our websites ourselves, if you like them then let us know that you want something similar to represent your agency! We also build landing pages for your crews to get them to the sites they use the most quickly.

Custom Solutions

Didn't find exactly what you were looking for? Drop us a line, chances are we can build you a custom solution.

Our Team

Bobby Kalathoor

Bobby works on all of our IT Contracts, and heads up our customer relations. He has 20+ years in the IT industry and 5 years of Fire & EMS and currently works as a Firefighter.

Cody McClung

Cody heads up our WebDev and AppDev services and works on all of our Maps & GIS contracts. He has 11 years in Fire & EMS and currently works as an EMS Supervisor and a Fire Captain.